Fashion Icon: Sunbeamsjess

Hello guys,

With more than 100k subscribers on youtube, and almost 32k followers on instagram, Jess, best known as Sunbeamsjess, is a 19 year old fashion/beauty youtuber, living in london.  She started puting videos on youtube just for fun, but then became very well known youtuber. From styling vídeos to get ready ones, this is definitely one that you don’t want to miss. A very creative youtuber, that her talent and passion for fashion led her to a very succseful road. The way she styles and accessorize the clothes is something that we don’t see everyday. She inspires me to take more chances and wear everything that I want, without having to worry about the judgy looks. Please take a look at her youtube channel, and I promise you will get lost in her impecable/ urban style, that’s going change the way you see fashion.

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